Translation page

Your guide to Aussie slang and spelling

Here a few translations for anyone struggling with Australian English spelling or the Aussie slang that I use in my books. I do not claim that all these words and phrases are unique to Australia, but they are in common usage here.

I will add to this list from time to time:

  • Gaol = jail
  • Centre = center (we like the “e” and the “r” around the opposite way for a lot of words.)
  • Colour = color (we also like to add a “u” to some words)
  • Settle petal = “calm down, dear!”
  • Aussie = Australian
  • Bollocks = rubbish – i.e. “That is a load of bollocks!” or just “Bollocks!”
  • Yacking = talking – often used when the talking is incessant.
  • What gives? = What is your problem – i.e. why are you acting like that?
  • Righty-o = yes
  • Bugger = Oh Blast! (although “bugger” is thought of as obscene in the US, in Australia it is just a general exclamation of dismay and is considered mild on the swear word scale).
  • Rubber neckers = People who slow down when driving to peer at car accidents, turning their heads like an owl to look for as long as possible, and often running into the car in front of them in the process. They annoy everyone behind them because they are going so slow.
  • He’s having a lend of you = he is trying to make you believe something that isn’t true (usually as a joke).